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Updated On: Sunday, November 19 2017
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Trump Pushing House Republicans to Adopt Tax Overhaul

Content by: Voice of America WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump is pushing Thursday for adoption of a wide-ranging overhaul of the country's complex tax laws as he meets with the majority Republican caucus in the House of Representatives ...

House Republicans Await Audience With Trump on Tax Overhaul

Content by: Voice of America WASHINGTON — Republicans are muscling their massive tax bill through the House, with President Donald Trump urging them on to a critically needed legislative victory and GOP House leaders exuding confidence they have ...

Good to Know (Perhaps) That Food Is Being ‘Nuclearised’

Content by: Inter Press Service ROME, Nov 16 2017 (IPS) - It might sound strange, very strange, but the news is that scientists and experts have been assuring, over and again, that using nuclear applications in agriculture –and thus in food ...

Coal Pollution Continues to Spread in Latin America

Content by: Inter Press Service BONN, Nov 15 2017 (IPS) - Despite growing global pressure to reduce the use of coal to generate electricity, several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean still have projects underway for expanding this ...


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