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Updated On: Friday, December 15 2017

Smart Build technology centre opens in the Kyrgyz Republic

Content by: UN Industrial Development Organization

BISHKEK, 3 October 2017 – A new technology demonstration centre; “SMART BUILD”, was inaugurated today in the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The SMART BUILD centre is a demonstration and information platform based in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Construction of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University.

The centre features a conference room for holding events for up to 100 people, as well as a library and exhibition hall. The main purpose of the centre is to widely disseminate and replicate knowledge and information about advanced technologies in the construction industry and new alternative building materials.

At the opening ceremony, Vadim Chekmazov, Advisor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kyrgyz Republic, commented on the centre’s potential to bring together representatives of industry from the Central Asia region and neighbouring countries. He also stressed that it provided good evidence of fruitful cooperation between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation, which funded the establishment of the centre through the UNIDO project: “Promoting community level job creation and income generating activities through the development of cost-effective building materials production in Kyrgyzstan”.

“The establishment of such a well-equipped centre is highly necessary as it provides shared learning opportunities for scientific, educational and production purposes. Undoubtedly, this centre will serve the needs of the private sector, students and academia working in the area of construction materials and housing,” said Vladimir Nifadiev, Rector of KRSU.

Bringing together academia, industry and business and enhancing know-how transfer and skills development to contribute to the creation of decent and sustainable jobs are the main objectives of the UNIDO project. The project aims to facilitate promotion of innovative, environmentally friendly and low-cost sustainable manufacturing technologies for the production of building materials that can be easily absorbed by the local construction industry for housing and irrigation purposes.

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