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Updated On: Saturday, May 27 2017

Herve Yombo | The militia leader, Central African Republic

Herve Yombo is 41 and was working in a quarry outside the capital when he heard his hometown was being attacked. “I had to get a self-defence group together. And together we pushed the Séléka out of our neighbourhood,” he told IRIN.Yombo says he surrendered his gun to the local mayor's office as soon as he felt his neighbourhood was secure. He's also now part of the community peace cell."There are people who committed crimes who are scared to come back or hand in their weapons because of what they’ve done," Yombo told IRIN. "But some of them are holding on for the DDR."For the full story:https://www.irinnews.org/special-report/2016/08/15/way-home


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