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Updated On: Saturday, 20 January 2018
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The 10 most popular IRIN stories of 2017

Towards the end of March, the world belatedly began to wake up to the risk of famine, not just in one country where it had already been declared (South Sudan), but in three others too: northeastern Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen.

#4famines started trending as a hashtag, a few heartfelt celebrity pleas rang out, but it wasn’t on the scale of 1984, of Bob Geldof and Live Aid. Posing the question “What will it take now?”, IRIN’s specialist editors used this in-depth report to explain the different origins, different trajectories, and therefore different needs in each country. Helping means understanding that local factors are at play, and that each country is prone to its own combination of flaring conflict, weak governance, poor infrastructure, and failing markets.

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