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Updated On: Saturday, 24 February 2018
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China’s Rising Role in International Affairs Underscored in UN Speeches

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28 September 2015, New York, USA | Brendan Pastor - South-South News

During his first address to the United Nations General Assembly, China's President Xi Jinping underscored his country's commitment to sustainable development, the values of the United Nations, and its growing role in international affairs.

2015 marks the dawning of the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development — an ambitious and universal framework supporting development over the next 15 years, applicable to all countries of the world. China has played an increasingly visible role in defining priority areas, while also surprising policy-makers with ambitious announcements of their own, such as their intention to peak carbon emissions in the near future.

During his visit to New York, Mr. Xi announced a series of financial investments towards programs supporting sustainable development, including millions of dollars that will go to women's empowerment, peacekeeping operations, and other development priorities.

Officials are eager to see the results of a newly envisioned engagement by China on the world scene, with many top policy-makers welcoming the country's commitment to development and security with open arms.

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