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Updated On: Wednesday, 17 July 2019

South-South News Articles

South-South News coverage

South-South News feature coverage of global development, the United Nations, governments, world news, civil society, the private sector, and the global south. 

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Inside the United Nations: News and Events


‘Inside the United Nations’ explores the inner workings of the United Nations headquarters and it's four principle bodies: the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the International Court of Justice, and the Secretary-General. Within these bodies, the larger strategies and policies of global development and international politics take place, with important outcomes for the global South and beyond. . 

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Civil Society & Private Sector News on Development

civil and private sectors on development

The rise of citizen engagement in international affairs is an unprecedented phenomenon that is rapidly shaping the way the world works. Civil society organizations, from small local community groups to large international movements, are creating new frontiers for action on development. Civil society is the largest and most complex stakeholder in global development, in some cases comprising billions of active participants. This section features news and updates from a handful of important and specialized civil society organizations and development media outlets that are actively shaping global development worldwide. 

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Intergovernmental Organizations: News and Events

intergov agencies news events

Today's global challenges cannot be confronted by individual nations alone. For decades, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) comprising membership from multiple national governments - and often non-governmental groups, too - have become key enablers of multilateral action on development goals. This section features news from some the world’s largest and most successful IGOs who are engaged in global development.

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Featured Content from UN Agencies, Programs and Funds

un Agencies at Work

Much of what the United Nations does happens outside of its headquarters in New York. As the biggest and most important agent facilitating global development, the UN and its many specialized agencies, programs and funds are constantly on the ground in every part of the world helping to promote social, economic, political and human development. ‘UN at Work’ takes a look at the dozens of specialized agencies and how they are helping to contribute to sustainable development in the global South and beyond.  

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