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Updated On: Friday, November 24 2017

Hygiene A Priority In Philippines After Storm

Photo: UN Photo

Content by: South-South News

16 January 2013, New York USA | Connor Schratz - The water that devastated the Philippines when Typhoon Bopha washed over its shores may have receded, but that the damage that it left is still very much a part of life for its victims, especially on the island of Mindanao.

In the aftermath of the storm, many Filipinos have been left without access to water or sanitation, and have been left vulnerable to diseases like cholera.

"I cry almost every night," reported Bernie Sambere, a mother who is seven months pregnant and barely survived the storm when it his. Many of her countrymen were not as lucky. The storm claimed the lives of over 1,000 Filipinos. "I don't think I can take living here anymore. It smells bad and the garbage. I cry at night."

To help Filipinos pick up the pieces and begin rebuilding after the storm, the UN is working closely with the Filipino government and NGOs on the ground to get life back to normal. UNICEF has built temporary latrine facilities, and supplies water and hygiene kits in the most heavily affected areas.

These efforts are designed to prevent deadly communicable diseases from spreading in the slums and makeshift camps that have sprung up around the country, as 170,000 people were driven from their homes.

The damage caused by Typhoon Bopha has ravaged the Philippines' south and left millions in danger even though the storm has passed. The UN will continue to work with those who need it most, and work to ensure that these victims get the help that they need to get back on track.


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