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Updated On: Sunday, December 17 2017

Ban Ki-Moon Urges for Dignity for all in Annual MDG Report

Content by: South-South News

22 August 2012, New York, USA | Shari Nijman - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon reminded the world today that the "The world's quest for dignity, peace, prosperity, justice, sustainability and an end to poverty has reached an unprecedented moment of urgency."

The reminder, written in a new report on the progress of the Millennium Development goals themed: A life of dignity for all, comes a month ahead of the annual General Assembly consultations on the MDG's and the post-2015 development agenda.

The report states that there has been substantial progress in achieving the MDG's in general and several specific targets on a global level. However, the report also acknowledges that: "The prospects for achieving all of the Goals differ sharply across and within countries and regions"

With less than 900 days to go until the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals, the momentum for the development targets has never been greater. While numerous development projects have already been completed, the ongoing financial crisis has put a halt to many others. Foreign aid to developing countries has been drastically reduced as donor countries are struggling to keep their own economies on track.

"Inequality is rising in rich and poor countries alike," Ban said in the report. "New economic powers have emerged, new technologies are shaping our societies and new patterns of human settlement and activity are heightening the pressures on our planet."

The change in economic climate is not an excuse for the failure of any of the Goals however, the Secretary-General emphasized. Uniting member states, and reducing armed conflict, violence, insecurity and injustice is needed to realize the dream of the Charter and the Millennium Declaration. "The Millennium Development Goals are our promise to the world's poorest and most vulnerable. They have succeeded in placing people at the center of the development agenda."

Ban identifies women and girls as "the major drivers" of global development, even though gender equality is far from being achieved on a universal level and is in itself a Millennium Development Goal.

The report has been submitted to representatives of member states, to reflect on the past years achievements towards the MDG's, and as a recommendation for future policy.


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