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Updated On: Sunday, 15 July 2018
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Cambodian Farmers Reach Their Goals Through New Technology

Content by: South-South News

8 September 2014, New York, USA | Shari Nijman - Cambodia has set itself an ambitious goal: triple its rice exports by the end of 2015. Mam Amnot, Secretary Of State From The Ministry Of Agriculture explained: "To reach the goal as a major exporting country there has to be a major contribution by the farmers."

But where most farmers barely grow enough rice to feed their own families, the question is: How will they do this? "The rice we farm doesn't fully support my family for the whole year, so sometimes it is really difficult to earn a living,” Mut Sukha, a rice farmer in Cambodia's Kandal Province said. “It's hard for us to find any way to solve this."

Even in our digital age, looking at technology to solve the problems for farmers in Cambodia may seem a little far-fetched. But when computer experts at Intel meet with Agriculture experts at UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development, the result is an IT system that gives farmers all the knowledge they need to become better farmers.

"When you talk about technology, what we bring to the table is software that solves small problems that are encountered in each part of the crop cycle for the farmer,"Srinivas Garudachar, Director of Strategic Business Development at Grameen Intel Social Business said.



Trained people on the ground in Cambodia use the software developed by IFAD and Intel as they travel from farm to farm, analyzing the soil, and determine how much fertilizer should be used, which seeds are best and how to deal with pests and disease.

Sakphouseth Meng, IFAD Country Programme Officer for Cambodia explained: "We use the IT system to bring the connection between the farmer and the expertise people who are at the capital level."

After excellent results in India, the Cambodian Government hopes that this system will help realize its export goals. And the 25 thousand farmer families that the program will reach? They just hope to get more out their farms and move towards a more secure future.

"I have one dream” Sukha said. “It is to work hard and to have a better living standard. I want to focus on my children's future and I hope they can get a higher education and get a good job."


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