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Updated On: Thursday, 20 September 2018

In Ebola Quarantines, Fears of Hunger Rise

Content by: South-South News

5 September 2014, New York, USA | Brendan Pastor – As the number of people infected with Ebla across different countries in West Africa continues to rise, fears of a hunger crisis are growing too.

Aid groups, led by the World Food Programme, are working to ensure food and essential staples are reaching the enclosed and forced quarantined populations inside the camps.

“They are finding it difficult to get food because they are no allowed to get out, so as a result, we are providing food to them,” Elizabeth Frank-Neufville, a worker with WFP, says.

In addition to fears of a hunger crisis, other knock-off effects of long-term quarantine are beginning to compound. In particular, there is a growing concern among many people that the length of time in enclosed camps will severely reduce their livelihoods and finances.

Jerry Peabody, an airport worker who is being quarantined along with his family in the Liberian community called Dolo's Town, worries about the money he is losing by not having access to work.

“Our main worry is when are they going to lift the ban on us and the quarantine, when are we going to get back to work? We have been quarantined and we cannot work, we don't have any money for ourselves now,” Peabody says.

Efforts are underway around the world to galvanize more support for Ebola response. Experts and leaders from the World Health Organization, along with a host of other aid groups, are meeting with heads of state and ministries to coordinate a more robust global response to the ongoing Ebola outbreak.


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