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Updated On: Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Journalism Guidelines

Journalistic Guidelines

At South-South News, we maintain strict adherence to modern principles of good journalism. These include:

Integrity - A commitment to truth, balance, and transparency. All statements of fact will be attributable to an official source. Statistics and data are linked to official reports or sources such as press releases. We refrain from use of secondary sources when possible.

Consistency of Quality - We use modern-style journalism, and endeavor to balance the AP-style standard with diplomatic protocol. In all cases, we rely on accuracy and standardization of grammar, format, structure and language.

Inclusivity - We make sure to include the voices and perspectives of all necessary stakeholders for each story in a balanced and equitable way, with special attention to the voices that are most marginalized in mainstream discourse.

Personalization - It is important that we add a special creative touch to each story, adding a human dimension to our work, to avoid reproducing press releases.

Impartiality - Our news is free from opinions or bias. Facts are substantiated and balanced fairly.

Legality - Absolutely no plagiarism is tolerated in our content. Copyright infringement, defamation, libel and slander are diligently prevented by careful editing and production.

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