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Updated On: Friday, February 24 2017
Development Issues
Merkel Under Pressure for Refugee Policy in Germany ( Thursday, February 23 2017 13:16 )
UN Declares War on Ocean Plastic ( Thursday, February 23 2017 10:32 )
Unleashing the Power of the Private Sector ( Wednesday, February 22 2017 12:38 )
Choosing to Breathe Clean Air ( Wednesday, February 22 2017 11:37 )
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Private Sector & NGOs

Shrinking and Darkening, the Plight of Kashmir’s Dying Lakes

Content by: Inter Press Service SRINAGAR, Feb 22 2017 (IPS) - Mudasir Ahmad says that two decades ago, his father made a prophecy that the lake would vanish after the fish in its waters started dying.

Authorities Urged to Disclose Anti-Money Laundering Efforts

Content by: Inter Press Service ROME / BERLIN, Feb 15 2017 (IPS) - Bank regulators need to publish much more information about whether banks are doing what’s required by law to stop money laundering, says a major international anti-corruption ...

Togo to Lead the Fight against Rural Poverty

Content by: Inter Press Service ROME, Feb 15 2017 (IPS) - Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo, former Prime Minister of Togo, has been appointed as the sixth President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialised UN agency ...


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