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Updated On: Saturday, August 19 2017
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Migrant Contributions to Development: Creating a “New Positive Narrative”

Content by: Inter Press Service UNITED NATIONS, Jul 26 2017 (IPS) - Despite the “undeniable” benefits of migration, barriers including public misconceptions continue to hinder positive development outcomes, participants said during a series ...

To Achieve Ambitious Goals – We Need to Start with our Basic Rights

Content by: Inter Press Service Oliver Henman and Andrew Firmin, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation. NEW YORK, Jul 26 2017 (IPS) - Recent protests in Ethiopia have seen people demonstrate in their thousands, angry at their ...

Kenya and Ethiopia Join Forces to Advance Peace, Security, Development and Hope

Content by: Inter Press Service Siddharth Chatterjee is the United Nations Resident Coordinator to Kenya. NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 24 2017 (IPS) - The Horn of Africa is often synonymous with extreme poverty, conflict, demographic pressure, ...


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