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Updated On: Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Content Syndication

Content Used by South-South News

In addition to its own featured news stories, interviews and special coverages, South-South News syndicates and republishes content produced and copyrighted by third party agencies, organizations and individuals under specific agreements and guidelines arranged mutually. South-South News is not an affiliate of these third party groups, nor do we represent them in any capacity.

Syndicated content is hosted on this website for a period lasting around two months from the date of publishing. Content that is older than two months will not be viewable on the South-South News website. For this reason, links on our social media accounts may not be active after the two month period. In order to view content that has expired, you must locate it directly from the primary source at its original location. For information on our terms and conditions for use of syndicated content, visit this link.

Part of our mission is to provide a platform to the many players who participate in global development. Syndication allows specialized third party groups to share their work, perspectives, and experiences as global development stakeholders in a transparent way. We wish to stress that these views and opinions are not necessarily shared by South-South News, nor are we part of the United Nations, a national government, or any other institution whose content may appear on our site.

To promote global development, South-South News republishes:

-Press Releases
-News, Articles and Stories
-Reports and Publications
-Photos and Galleries
-YouTube and Vimeo

The images below provide details on how South-South News gives credit and information references to original publishers of news content:

South-South News is not a commercial entity and does not obtain financial remuneration through syndicated content appearing on the site. All third-party content is therefore displayed without profit.

For information on syndication, how to syndicate with us, or to use our original South-South News content, please contact us here.

Join Our Platform!

Learn how to share your organization's development initiatives on SouthSouthNews.com

If you or your organization is interested in sharing information on global development initiatives, or wish to spread important news and updates from the global South, please get in touch with our partnership team. South-South News works with a wide range of development stakeholders, including United Nations groups, specialized development agencies, leading global businesses and major civil society organizations. 

South-South News asks that organizations be identifiable, and either chartered or legally certified by legitimate public authorities such as national governments or intergovernmental organizations. Please note: we do not engage in national political campaigns or electoral platforms. Organizations wishing to share content through South-South News must adhere to common standards of ethics, be pro-development, and must refrain from exhibiting political bias. 

To join the South-South News platform, please contact us here.



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