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Updated On: Tuesday, 18 September 2018

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41 Russia Scientists are challenged to get funding for research
( News Videos - VOA )
Created on 2015-07-23 15:26:00
42 Should We Celebrate 10 Years of the Global Tobacco Control Treaty?
( Development News - IPS )

Content by: Inter Press Service

Laurent Huber is Director of Framework Convention Alliance, a grouping of nearly 500 organisations worldwide dedicated to global tobacco control.

GENEVA, Feb 18 2015 (IPS) - February 27 will mark th...

Created on 2015-02-19 16:00:33
43 Social Networks in Mexico Both Fuel and Fight Discontent
( Latin America & Caribbean - IPS )

Content by: Inter Press Service


MEXICO CITY, Jan 19 2017 (IPS) - The scene in the video is simple: a bearded man with a determined look on his face sitting in front of a white wall witha portrait of Emiliano Zapata, symbol of the Mexican revolut...

Created on 2017-01-19 20:34:50
44 South Africa’s Opposition Demands President Pay for Home Renovations
( News Videos - VOA )
Created on 2015-08-19 02:52:50
45 Soybean Oil Causes More Weight Gain Than Fructose
( News Videos - VOA )
Created on 2015-08-11 14:52:00
46 Study Suggests Life Shortening Effect of Multiple Chronic Conditions
( News Videos - VOA )
Created on 2015-07-28 16:08:00
47 Tanzania: Girls Struggle to Avoid Forced Marriage, Yearn to Learn
( Development News - IPS )

Content by: Inter Press Service


KAHAMA, Tanzania, Jan 21 2016 (IPS) - Maria was barely 16 when her father removed her from school to marry her off to a man 20 years older than she was just so that the family could receive eleven cows as her dowr...

Created on 2016-01-21 16:29:25
48 The Eugenics Debate
( Development News - IPS )

Content by: Inter Press Service

Jul 11 2016 (Dawn, Pakistan) - The current debate on the re-emergence of eugenics is worrying, as most of its proponents seem to be urging for gene manipulation for higher intelligence and beauty, while only a few are concerned with its dystopian ...

Created on 2016-07-11 14:39:15
49 UN to Investigate Violations Against Rohingya
( Gender, Women & Children - IPS )

Content by: Inter Press Service


UNITED NATIONS, Mar 27 2017 (IPS) - A top UN human rights group has decided to investigate human rights abuses against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Created on 2017-03-27 20:03:32
50 UNCHR Global Trends
( UN Agencies & Departments )

Content by: South-South News

20 June 2017, New York, USA | South-South News — The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said some 65.6 million people worldwide were forcibly displaced from their homes by the end of 2016 setting yet another record high with an increase of 300,000 people compared to the previous year.