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Updated On: Monday, 22 July 2019

Gaps in Healthcare Data Bridged with Monitoring Initiative

Content by: WHO

25 June 2015, New York, USA | South-South News - In a world with contrasting economies and differing systems of government, a cross-comparative look at universal healthcare is hard to find.

The World Health Organization, in partnership with the World Bank, initiated a new means of streamlining information and monitoring the functionality of universal health coverage across global regions. Given the working Sustainable Development Goals, the aim is to utilize information technology when implementing policies and incorporating new solutions.

The report takes information gathered from experts around the world, focusing on areas of preventative health, health information, treatment available, as well as rehabilitative and palliative care. That data is then joined with financial figures, targeted goals, demographics and comprehensive social factors to indicate which practices prove most effective.


Read the executive summary below, then click here to read the full report.

Bringing universal health coverage (UHC) into focus: One of the main challenges faced in supporting UHC-oriented reform is the perception on the part of some decision-makers that UHC is too diffuse a concept, and UHC-related progress unquantifiable.

This first global monitoring report on tracking UHC is produced partly to challenge that notion. Most countries are already generating credible, comparable data on both health service and financial protection coverage, despite data blind spots on key public health concerns such as noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and health service quality.

Broadly defined, UHC means all people receiving the quality health services they need, without being exposed to financial hardship. UHC involves three coverage dimensions – health services, finance, and population – and is a dynamic, continuous process that changes in response to shifting demographic, epidemiological and technological trends, as well as people’s expectations.

The report included is a product of a third-party organization. South-South News does not own the rights to the report, nor is South-South News affiliated with the organization. The report is provided as a way to showcase an informative, fact-based and unbiased research and analysis publication exploring an important issue of global development. For more information, please visit the website of the author organization directly.



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