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Updated On: Tuesday, 23 October 2018
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Video: Investor appetite for social impact contributions

Content by: Devex On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September, Monique Vledder, practice manager at the Global Financing Facility, shared with Devex that GFF is looking for joint investment opportunities to help ...

Opinion: What the climate community can learn from global health

Content by: Devex The pace of recent human advancement is truly remarkable. Human life expectancy has increased more during my lifetime than during the previous 300,000-year history of our species. Extreme poverty has been cut by more than half in ...

Opinion: The push and pull of mobile phones — and what it means for girls

Content by: Devex Should a 16-year old have a phone? For many people, the answer is an automatic “yes.” They point to the role a phone can have in helping young people communicate in an emergency, get information online, participate in online ...

Opinion: High-level meeting on NCDs — is there room for quiet optimism?

Content by: Devex The world ends not with a bang but with a whimper, goes a famous poem by T.S. Eliot. Much the same can be said for the latest would-be milestone in the global fight against noncommunicable diseases — the third high-level meeting ...


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