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Updated On: Friday, February 24 2017
Development Issues
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Civil Society & NGOs Feature Videos

Category : Civil Society & NGOs Feature Videos

Civil Society and NGO's by South-South News

In the 21st century, policies are no longer created and implemented exclusively by governments. Non-state actors have become indispensable agents helping to promote a broad range of development objectives in ways that supplement the work of public institutions and governments.

For example, businesses in the private sector have taken the lead in harnessing the financial power of global markets to produce jobs, create new technologies, and foster innovative solutions to pressing issues. Partnerships between businesses and governments often result in outcomes that create profit while also benefitting society's needs.

Meanwhile, civil society organizations often pioneer grassroots campaigns with enormous success by mobilizing activists on the ground and in positions of local power. The sheer size of civil society participants and its decentralized global reach makes it a powerful ally promoting social and economic development across the world.

*Please note: Videos from these organizations hosted on the web may contain unrelated followup recommendations. Also, video playback may be restricted in some parts of the world.*

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