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Updated On: Wednesday, 19 September 2018
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Securing community forest rights is key to achieving climate goals

Content by: Devex Forest areas managed by indigenous and local communities store for nearly 300,000 metric tons of carbon — five times more than previously estimated — yet failure for these communities to have their rights formally recognized may ...

A new index shows how to measure gender equality in the SDGs

Content by: Devex CANBERRA — In today’s development thinking, gender plays an key role — including in achieving the outcomes of the Sustainable Development Goals. But in progressing the SDG gender agenda, how do you create a solid set of data and ...

Which countries are the most committed to development?

Content by: Devex CANBERRA — Scandinavian countries are the most committed national development actors, according to this year’s Commitment to Development Index, which measures not just aid levels, but also how well other policies foster ...

USAID adopts a hard line on China's development approach

Content by: Devex WASHINGTON — Trump administration development leaders are not mincing words when it comes to positioning the United States Agency for International Development as a key player in the battle with China for influence in developing ...


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